Uses of Washable Markers

Published: 03rd June 2011
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Washable markers are of course marker pens that are washable meaning that they can be washed off of, or out of whatever you choose to use them on. This makes them distinctly different from permanent markers and it is important to ensure when you buy markers that you are getting the kind you want. Don't buy washable markers if it's actually permanent you were looking for and vice versa.

In many cases it will not matter whether you buy permanent or washable markers. However the fact that you can wash these markers off of what you use them gives them several useful benefits. For instance you can use use washable markers when you want to mark items for specific uses, but don't want to have them permanently blighted. This then allows you to use these markers to temporarily mark items and this has a range of benefits.

On the other hand washable markers are also useful in that if you are using them and you accidentally get pen on the floor they can still be used. This then creates several potential uses for washable markers which are as follows.

Leaving Messages: Washable markers allow you to leave messages for people or for yourself that you can later wash off. For instance then if you had to leave early in the morning and wanted your partner to know where you'd gone, then you could use these to leave a message on the mirror in the room (where it will definitely be seen when they brush their teeth) or to write a message on the glass. You may even have a specifically designated message board on which you can leave messages. You can also achieve this same effect by using dry erase markers which can simply be wiped off of such surfaces afterwards.

Giving to Children: Washable markers are perfect for letting children use, as it won't matter if they accidentally get pen on your carpet or on their own clothes which with the best will in the world they are relatively likely to do...

Writing On Things: If you are writing, drawing or otherwise using marker pens while leaning against the carpet, or leaning against a table cloth, then you might be concerned that you could accidentally get your pen on the material and this is a sensible concern. The way to avoid this problem then is of course to use washable markers so that if any pen does get on your things you can just wash it out again.

Marking Your Belongings: If you are living in shared accommodation of some sort then you might want to mark which things belong to you and which belong to your housemates. This can mean things like writing on your Tupperware, or on your DVD or CD collection. If you do this using washable markers then you can use a little water and wash this off afterward once you have moved out and this can prevent things mistakenly going missing or arguments occurring.

There are lots of uses for washable markers. Visit the links to get your own from a reputable marker manufacturer.

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